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Seasonal Trends

The problem with most other keyword research tools, such as Overture and WordTracker, etc., is that they rely on the previous 1 or 2 month's of search data. This makes it very difficult to predict what users will be searching for next week or next month.

For this reason, KeywordDiscovery keeps a search history that spans a full 12 month period.

This helps you to predict the searches that will be popular for next Christmas, and to examine seasonal trends to see how demand for various goods and services is likely to change throughout the year.


Consider Valentines Day, a busy period for many flower and gift shopping sites. With KeywordDiscovery, you can perform a search to find Valentine search phrases and display a seasonal trends graph for each phrase.

Graph results are derived from the Global Premium database

"Finally, a tool that provides historical query data! ..."
Christine Churchill, KeyRelevance.com

"...seasonal search trends are a gold mine..."
Kalena Jordan,

Note the valentines day peak in the data. If this search had been performed in July on any other keyword service, you would have missed this important information.


  • Identify seasonal trends
  • Plan marketing campaigns to coincide with traditional peak periods like Christmas or Valentines Day.
  • Determine the ideal timing for your marketing campaigns.
  • Predict traffic levels during low peak periods like the holidays.

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