Keyword Discovery - Keyword Reports

KeywordDiscovery offers these advanced keyword reports for those that simply need more keyword data:

  • Top Search Term Reports
  • Exhaustive Keyword Lists
  • Industry Keyword Lists

Top Search Term Reports

What is a Top Search Term Report?

Everyday, millions of users search the Internet using various search engines in finding information they need. It has also been stated that over 80% of all online transactions begin as a keyword search on a search engine.

The keyword reports are based on all the searches collected over the past 12 months or last month and the most popular, up to the top 500,000 most popular unique search terms are listed in order of popularity. Read more about and order top search term reports here.

Exhaustive Keyword Lists

What is a Exhaustive Keyword Lists?

Many keywords have over 10,000 search phrase variations that include that keyword. Trying to harvest all possible keyword phrase variations is almost impossible, that is why we offer the ability to order the full list of results for any given keyword.

For example, the keyword "accommodation" has over 50,000 search phrase variations that you can now order in a single report. Read more about and order exhaustive keyword lists here.

Industry Keyword Lists

What is an Industry Keyword List?

Since we track what keywords generate traffic to specific sites, we have cross referenced these keywords and sites based on their dmoz site classification. What this means is that you can easily obtain a list of keywords that are industry specific.

The industry keyword reports are based on all the searches collected over the past 12 months for sites tracked that are indexed by dmoz in that particular industry classification. Read more about and order industry search term reports here.