Search Phrase Exhaustive Lists

Would you like access to all the search phrase variations for a keyword?

Many keywords have over 10,000 search phrase variations that include that keyword and upto now, the only way to identify all of them was to drill deeper keyword by keyword, which takes far too long and is also very hard to find all the different variations, in most cases impossible.

For example, the keyword "accommodation" has over 100,000 search phrase variations that you can now order in a single report.

Keyword Variations

How can a Search Phrase Exhaustive List help you?

Becase this data is not publicly available and you can not get it from anywhere else, you can gain an unfair advantage in your PPC campaigns over your competitors.

All keyword tools are limited to the top 100, 1000 or 10,000 making it extremely hard to obtain the results beyond that. At the same time increasing competition for the keywords that these tools do provide.

An exhaustive list can provide amazing keyword gems that are less likely to be targeted. This increases your chances of ranking well for such terms, and in PPC, their starting bid prices are likely to be cheaper too.

An exhaustive list can also help you optimize or replace broad match campaigns that are often not as effective or as targeted.

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