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  1. What can the Keyword Discovery service do for me?
  2. What do the search results represent?
  3. How do I apply the results to my website?
  4. Where does the data come from?
  5. Over what time period are the results from?
  6. Why are there differences in the Keyword Discovery search results compared to actual organic traffic results?
  7. Why are your results so different to Google's results?
  8. Does Keyword Discovery use a stop words list to filter out common terms?
  9. How often is your data updated?
  10. Where does the Industry Terms data come from?
  11. Why do I see only 10 results?
  12. Which languages/countries is keyword data supplied for?
  13. How do you obtain the regional/country search results?
  14. What is the difference between the Global Premium and Historical databases?
  15. Where do I find language translation and which languages do you translate?
  16. How many daily search credits do I receive?
  17. How do I know how many daily credits I have remaining?
  18. I have an Enterprise subscription. How do I obtain 10,000 results?
  19. Why are the analyze buttons disabled?
  20. What is an analysis credit?
  21. What happens when I use up the daily limit of analysis credits?
  22. What does KEI mean?
  23. Why does the KEI and/or occurrences column show a small graph?
  24. Why does the result for Occurrences differ from the Google website search results?
  25. How do I set up a keyword project?
  26. How do I select a project to save keywords to?
  27. How do I delete a project?
  28. How many projects do I have with my subscription?
  29. Is there a limit to how many keywords I can save to a project?
  30. Can I import keywords that contain non alphanumeric characters?
  31. Why are my projects showing different search figures for the keywords?
  32. How does the Domain Researcher Tool work?
  33. How do I subscribe to the Domain Researcher Tool?
  34. What are the usage limits of the Domain Researcher Tool?
  35. Why can't I log in?



  1. How many daily search credits do I receive?
  2. How do I know how many daily credits I have remaining?
  3. What subscription plans are available for Keyword Discovery?
  4. What is the difference between the Standard, Professional and Enterprise subscriptions?
  5. What is the difference between a Keyword Discovery subscription and Keyword discovery access via Nichebot?
  6. Can I use automated scripts to access Keyword Discovery using a standard subscription?
  7. Can I upgrade to Professional or Enterprise with API from the Standard Subscription plan?
  8. How do I disable the monthly automated billing option / cancel an account?
  9. My Subscription has lapsed, how do I renew my subscription?
  10. Can one account be used by multiple users (people) at the same time?
  11. Is there a discount if I purchase multiple accounts / seats?
  12. What are the daily usage limitations for each type of subscription?
  13. Can you send me a receipt?
  14. My credit card payment was declined, what can I do?
  15. Update account information
  16. Change your password



  1. How do I obtain support?
  2. Why can't I log in?
  3. Why aren't the buttons on the Keyword discovery pages working?



  1. How do I obtain 10,000 results from the API?
  2. How can I access the API?
  3. How can I query the news, eBay, regional and historical databases via the API?
  4. How many concurrent connections does the API accept?
  5. What happens when I use up my API subscription 10,000 searches quota before the month is up?



  1. How does the Drop Domain Service work?
  2. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the Drop Domain Service?
  3. How much is the Drop Domain Service?